LAMP installation

September 27, 2004 17:28

There is an article in a unfinished website which is about the installation of Apache, MySQL and PHP in Linux platform. It assumes that you installed anyone of Linux platform successfully. The steps it showed are simple, easy and understanding.

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Good thread for MVC

August 26, 2004 14:26

I found a thread that is about MVC design pattern in SitePoint Forum. This thread is a wonderful resource for the developers who want to know what is MVC and their relationship.

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Security Certifications with Apache and HTTPS

January 29, 2004 22:55
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E-Commerce websites are very common now. The most important issue of these websites is security connection between the server and client. How to make the connection more secure? Here you go. Codewalkers posted a new tutorial – Generating Your Own Security Certificates For Use With Apache/HTTPS. It teaches you how to setup a SSL Apache [...]

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Tips on Regular Expressions

September 7, 2003 16:04

Regular Expressions are very useful for the programmers to valid the users’ input. There is an article from O’Reilly Network which is about the tips on Regular Expressions for the beginner, also the professional.

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Anti-spam Skill for Server Administrators

September 7, 2003 15:46

If you’re server administrators and looking for the technique against spam, you should take a look on these two articles in the same series – Part I is about the introduction of several anti-spam systems and the defense method the author chose; and Part II is about how the author implements a mail system using [...]

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