Why there is no graphics in this website

October 9, 2003 20:24

In this modern world, there are many Web technologies that make the webpage be more attractive and funny – Flash, gif, Shockwave, RealAudio, etc. However, if you go thought this website once or twice, you will find that there is no graphics or Flash movie. Why? That’s the purpose of this article written.

As you know, this website is only to provide the resource and information about programming and computing. Formatted text is enough to present these content. You will say “most of the personal website will add some funny Flash movies or gif to make the website be more attractive”. Yes, I can do that, but this website is not the purpose to be entertainment. This website is a kind of information provider, the surfers only will target on the news or articles, and should ignore other stuffs this website contained.

Other reason for no movie in this website is the connection speed limit. Even the broadband connection is common used, many Internet users are still using the dial-up connection. Flash movies or large gif files will cause the longer download time and the users may stop and go to other website. This is a very common mistake of the web designers that put many movies or graphics in their websites to be more attractive, but omit the main purpose of the websites (eg. information provider, blog).

One more reason that I am not using this website to show my abilities, I just want to share and exchange computing and programming knowledge. I do not find any reason that this website should contain some Flash movies or graphics. Of course I will add them if necessary, but not now.

According to the paper of Jakob Nielsen “Response Times: The Three Important Limits“, the response time more than 10 seconds may make your clients change their mind to visit other similar websites. So now test your website using dial-up connection and check the response time. If there is more than 10 second, you will know what you should be done.

Here, hope every web designers (of course including me) make clear the purpose of the websites they designed. Please do not use excess technologies and make your visitors confuse why they are in your website. I am not an arrogant person, but only want to share my point of view. Finally, your comments are welcome.

By Michael, written at home, Hong Kong


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