Vista Beta 2 Build 5384 installed

August 14, 2006 10:49

Okay, I’ve installed Vista Beta 2 Build 5384 on Monday in a machine with P4 2.4GB, 480MB RAM, S3 display card (build-in) … the performance is fair, a little bit slow (of course), but also can finish login process in 2 minutes with Office 2007 Beta 2 and MSN Live Messager installed.

First, <servername>/connectcomputer is failed in the last step. I’m sure that the DNS is correct and tested in XP a few hours before I install Vista. So I just join the domain in Control Panel -> System, click “Change Setting” in “Computer Name, domain and workgroup setting” section. The computer account should be added in SBS 2003 before take action. Everything works smoothly and I can connect to domain after reboot.

After joined the domain and reboot, there is a welcome screen with your previous login username, you have to click “Switch user” and type your domainname\username and password to login. Everytime you login, your domainname\username is shown in Welcome Screen and you just need to type the password to login the system. Actually I don’t like it because of security, however, I cannot find the place where I can change this setting.

Then I open Outlook 2007, all the setting is typed automatically (username, email, Exchange Server Setting). I don’t know it will be done by joining domain, or I run /connectcomputer before. Anyway, it works well.

IE 7 Beta 2 (7.0.5384.4) is included in Vista, but it contains a little bug: sometimes I cannot connect to the website and I need to close all the IE and open again. The Tab feature is very good, although I found it in Firefox a long time ago …

Although I have Trend Micro in SBS 2003, but I don’t want to use one license for Vista, so I download the free anti-virus from CA which contain 1 year free for Vista Beta tester. You have to register and get the download link from email. The file is only 5.xMB and double click to install. While the installation, it will also download the latest patch and virus signature from Internet.

Well … this is my first review of Vista … I will try to update when I got more information. Comment is welcome.


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