Two nice OOP Articles

June 4, 2004 20:06
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Two months that I didn’t update the news because I was very very busy on my job.

Recently I read two nice articles which are about OOP. One is “OO versus Procedural Programming in PHP” from Zend. This article status the different usage between OOP and procedural programming step by step. It suggests to use procedural programming if you want to write quickly, release often, or make the application or website run as fast as possible; and use OOP if you want the application or website easy to maintain, distribute and extend, or public an API. The other article is “Value Objects and Data Access Objects with PHP 4.2.x” from PHPBuilder. This article uses the similar technique as J2EE in object concept by providing a working, downloadable example. It can show you how powerful and maintainable using OOP.

If you are not familar as OOP, these articles are recommended and valuable to read.


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