Observer Event Order from Alan Storm

April 11, 2013 19:10

Today Alan Storm made a good answer for the question about the observer event order. Please have a look at below link and you will have a great understanding about the observer event.

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Shortening Increment ID length for Orders, Invoices, Creditmemo and Shipments

November 8, 2010 11:52

By default, Magento use 8 digits for Orders, Invoices, Creditmemo and Shipments’ increment ID. However, sometime you would like to change the length to meet 3rd party’s system requirement. This can be easily accomplished by: modify the field “increment_pad_length” in the “eav_entity_type” table for whatever entity you’re wanting to modify. modify the field “increment_last_id” in [...]

Delete all orders, reset bestseller and most viewed products in Magento

October 28, 2010 09:48

In your Magento development period, you may create many order to test the checkout process. Before the website launch, you should find that there is no “delete” action for orders. What? Is it crazy? Unfortunately, it’s really crazy (maybe) that you cannot delete order in Magento by default. Like me, there are over hundred orders [...]

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