Good thread for MVC

August 26, 2004 14:26

I found a thread that is about MVC design pattern in SitePoint Forum. This thread is a wonderful resource for the developers who want to know what is MVC and their relationship.

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Front Controller design pattern

July 14, 2004 13:18

A week ago published a nice article called “Building a PHP Front Controller”. It briefly describes how to use OOP to make your application more structural and reusable. It also provides the valuable link to Sun’s J2EE website about the design patterns. You can get more information about it and how to use it [...]

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Command Pattern

January 15, 2004 21:28

Harry Fuecks posted a new articles in his own website – The Command Pattern. It is one of the patterns that states in the pattern bible – Design Patterns (Gang of Four). Harry introduces it briefly with a easy understand example. At the last of this article, Harry implies that Command Pattern can be used [...]

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Redecorated Pattern

December 23, 2003 22:35

If you are familiar in design pattern, you have to take a look on the latest article from Harry Fuecks – The Decorator Pattern Redecorated. He had established first article for Decorator Pattern in the first of 2003. In his re-visit it this time, a more simple and clear example is provided, also he states [...]

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Safety to use Modular Approach

November 19, 2003 23:24

At the previous news Webpage design with modular approach stated how this helps your maintenance much easier. However, this approach will make your website insecure if you didn’t check the value from HTTP “GET” method. Fortunately, is published an article which concentrate in this issue. I highly recommand the programmers who want to use [...]

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Webpage design with modular approach

October 2, 2003 12:31

If you are implementing a website, you will find that it is difficult to add a new feature because you have to modify the source code. But now, you can use the modular approach to make a easy maintanence website. In the latest article from DevArticle you can get the concept of this approach. If [...]

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Design Patterns in PHP

September 30, 2003 10:36

If you are seeking some information about the design patterns in PHP, InformIT had posted a very good article recently. In this article you can find the definition and the example codes of four design patterns – Singleton, Factory, Observer and Strategy. This article is a sample chapter of the book “Core PHP Programming” provided [...]

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