One and half year empty again and bugs found

January 21, 2008 14:27
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Well, one and half year passed since last news … I’m still alive. Nine months before I moved to a new web hosting. The server was faster than before and I’ve got unlimited storage, subdomain and FTP account. However, they moved to new server since Nov 2007 and the PHP also upgraded to 5.2.1. After they moved to new server, I only tested my website once and visited the first page only. I guessed that it should be okay. Unfortunately, when I wanted to review my resume one week before, I’ve found that I couldn’t reach it, the session variable for counter also didn’t work anymore. First I think it should be some wrong setting in php.ini (eg. register_global), but it is in correct setting. Then I checked the code and found that … it’s my problem. The code was developed under PHP 4.0.x … and still using HTTP_xxx_VARS!! I’m really surprised that and changed them already. So next time if your website have problems with moving to new server, please check both the server setting and your codes.


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