How to create coupon code for fixed amount discount

November 11, 2010 15:55

In your selling period, sometimes you would like to make offer for promotion or festival. Here I will show you how to create a coupon code between a specific period for all products and customers with unlimited usage.

In admin panel, click the menu “Promotions” -> “Shopping Cart Price Rules”, then the list for all coupon codes for all websites are shown. Clicking “Add New Rule” button on right hand side and input the following:

  • in “Rule Information” Section:
    • Rule Name: the name of the discount.
    • Description: description of this coupon code, will not show to customer.
    • Status: always set to “active” if you want this coupon to be used.
    • Websites: only select the store this coupon code will be available.
    • Customer Groups: select all of them by Ctrl + mouse left button.
    • Coupon: select “Specifc Coupon”, and the “Coupon Code” input box will be shown. Please enter the coupon code in that box.
  • in “Action” Section:
    • Apply: select “Fixed amount discount”
    • Discount Amount: input the fixed discount amount
    • in “Labels” Section:
    • In Default Label:
    • Default Rule Label for All Store Views: Please input the wordings that you want to display in the all documents, shopping cart.

After all input finished, click “Save Rule”. This coupon code is available to use. You can check it by adding a product to shopping cart and enter the coupon code.

Happy Magento’ing ~


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