How to completely disable Magento module

November 12, 2010 14:31

Disable Magento module? Easy, in admin panel, click the menu “System” -> “Configuration” -> “Advanced” in “Advanced” Section, select “disable” for the module you would like to disable, and it’s finish, right?

Sorry but … NO! If you disable the module in admin panel, it will only disable the module output, not the module functionalities. The Observer, cornjob, setting in config.xml are still in use and running.

Then … how to disable the module completely? Well, it’s also easy, you only have to change the ‘active’ tag to false in module XML file storing in ‘/app/etc/modules/YourNameSpace_YourModuleName.xml’:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

or simply rename the file extension (eg. YourNameSpace_YourModuleName.xml_old); or delete this file which is not recommended.

Happy Magento’ing ~


2 Responses to “How to completely disable Magento module”

  1. Although the headline might audio foolish and so simple, there are lot of people having complications with this. At first switching Magento component can be simple as going trough Program Settings > Present Settings Opportunity > Innovative > Innovative > Turn off Module Outcome.

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