Android on Touch Cruise

November 30, 2010 15:00

Recently I didn’t update this blog because I’s working hard to flash my old mobile phone HTC Touch Cruise to Android 2.2.1. After two weeks testing, now should be okay to use.

First you should download many files:
- download Hard SPL
- download latest radio (
- download the latest NBH for kernel 2.6.32
- download Incubu26Jc’s Super FroYo 2.2.1 RLS 16 ROM
- download the modules update for 2.6.32 kernel
- download the app2sd update

Do the following steps:
- format your SD card to FAT32 if necessary
- update your device to be Hard SPL following this tutorial
- update the latest radio using ROM Update Utility included in radio’s zip
- use atool to change the kernel settings for your own customization; and create the install script “”.
- remove all the .NBH files in ROM Update Utility and put the customized NBH into the folder of ROM Update Utility
- rename Incubu26Jc’s Super FroYo 2.2.1 RLS 16 ROM to be “androidinstall.tgz”
- in your SD card, create “andboot” folder, put the “” (install script), “androidinstall.tgz” (Incubu26Jc’s Super FroYo 2.2.1 RLS 16) and “androidupdate.tgz” (modules update for 2.6.32 kernel) into it
- run ROM Update Utility to flash the Android kernel into your phone
- device will reboot and install the ROM automatically
- after you see “Install module for this kernel”, reboot your device by removing battery and install the modules update by pressing and holding the center button when you see the sentence similar as “press dpad button to enter …” (choose 4. install update, then quit)
- you should then successfully go into the system, then reboot and install the app2sd update
- done and test the device

Please be careful that all the data inside your device will be erased. You may have to reflash, install and test cycling to find the best customization for your own.

If you have any question, please ask in XDA Developer Forum. Sorry that I’m not an expert and not enough to answer any technical question.

Enjoy Android ~~~


7 Responses to “Android on Touch Cruise”

  1. it is work?
    You try it?

  2. Of course it's working.

    But after my testing around 3 weeks, I've found the latest radio is really unstable, so I downloaded the official Cruise Win ROM from HTC with the radio , flash it and do the above steps again without flashing radio Now my phone is working very well and stable without any error.

    Hope this help.

  3. Does the wifi work?

  4. Yes, it's working well.

  5. Hi, you please up pictures of the tutorial? Sorry for my english. Bye!

  6. Actually my Cruise now is not working anymore and sorry that I cannot make pictures for this tutorial.

  7. Thanks