Android on Touch Cruise

November 30, 2010 15:00

Recently I didn’t update this blog because I’s working hard to flash my old mobile phone HTC Touch Cruise to Android 2.2.1. After two weeks testing, now should be okay to use. First you should download many files: – download Hard SPL – download latest radio ( – download the latest NBH for kernel 2.6.32 [...]

How to completely disable Magento module

November 12, 2010 14:31

Disable Magento module? Easy, in admin panel, click the menu “System” -> “Configuration” -> “Advanced” in “Advanced” Section, select “disable” for the module you would like to disable, and it’s finish, right? Sorry but … NO! If you disable the module in admin panel, it will only disable the module output, not the module functionalities. [...]

How to create coupon code for fixed amount discount

November 11, 2010 15:55

In your selling period, sometimes you would like to make offer for promotion or festival. Here I will show you how to create a coupon code between a specific period for all products and customers with unlimited usage. In admin panel, click the menu “Promotions” -> “Shopping Cart Price Rules”, then the list for all [...]

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Shortening Increment ID length for Orders, Invoices, Creditmemo and Shipments

November 8, 2010 11:52

By default, Magento use 8 digits for Orders, Invoices, Creditmemo and Shipments’ increment ID. However, sometime you would like to change the length to meet 3rd party’s system requirement. This can be easily accomplished by: modify the field “increment_pad_length” in the “eav_entity_type” table for whatever entity you’re wanting to modify. modify the field “increment_last_id” in [...]