MySQL Licensing Questions

September 27, 2004 17:35
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Although this article is published in International PHP Magazine website three weeks ago, but is still valuable for the people who is looking for the MySQL licensing. The author points out seven common questions for MySQL licensing clear and deep. If you don’t know how to choose a license, it is a place for you [...]

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LAMP installation

September 27, 2004 17:28

There is an article in a unfinished website which is about the installation of Apache, MySQL and PHP in Linux platform. It assumes that you installed anyone of Linux platform successfully. The steps it showed are simple, easy and understanding.

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phpMyAdmin for multiuser

September 12, 2004 14:02
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There is one article in PHPmac that is about the installation of phpMyAdmin for multiuser environment. This is useful for the web hosting company, or a company that contains multi database administrators with differnt permission. Of course one database for one user only is a great idea for the security reason.

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